Q&A with Founding Partner Lance Carter

About Lance

For CG Northern founder Lance Carter, construction is nothing new. When Lance was young he spent his vacation time learning the ins and outs of construction alongside his father. Once out of college, he moved back to his hometown of Fort Worth and has stayed around there ever since. Lance began his career by working with his father at Ron Carter Construction, where they specialized in building custom homes, remodeling, and commercial finish outs. During his time there, Lance helped the business grow by focusing on increasing project backlog and project management processes.

Lance is an important part of the CG Northern team, but there’s more to him than his work experience. Read on for a short Q&A about his hobbies and passions!

What’s the best part of your job?

 Working with people, and giving them the finished product they desire.

What do you like to do for fun?

Hunting, fishing, being at the ranch, or generally anything outdoors. I also enjoy quality time with friends and family.

What’s your favorite part of the DFW area?

The DFW area has many great things to offer from fantastic restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and a multitude of sporting events. My personal favorite event would be the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, so I would say that, along with the people that live in the area and the spirit and culture that surrounds us.

What was your dream job when you were younger?

My dream job when I was younger would’ve been to play baseball.